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Create Music Capture Pages Tailored To Your Music. Back With e.g. Music >IMAGES Or Videos That Don`t Include Copyright.



Plus use the capture page system as an easy way to build a music, or music business mailing list! Also, recruit 3 = 10 dollars in pocket as a start!
It is the simplest way I know to list build without prepositions!
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Hello occasional visitors! Thanks for being here. This site will soon close as it get few visitor, so I will let the domain reach its conclusion. Contrast with Horror at Home Gigs com (Alexa 403 990 at 29th Oct 16) with several hundred visitors a day, Top Frat Topics com follows quite closely.  Keep with the positives, ditch the negatives is my motto.

 Recorded Music Covers? A lot of recording artists record covers, even where it`s just as an interest at home. I listen to many of them from metal Twenty One Pilots to unplugged cover recordings. Tag: recorder music covers

So I though here I`d suggest three ways to help get further known, where recording covers of not.

1/ This would be more for the pro music covers artists for example. Create your own capture pages, then add these to an autoresponder. Promote using the accompanying Marketing Suite >Marketing Suite that is included as a bonus. Every thing it there to help market your music.

Check it out your self as you can try for just one dollar. I have included an image and further link below. Become an instant recruiter by introducing others to earn a crust. That area is optional!

All in at $50 a month (There isn`t a sneaky upsell) will pull you  $10 for beer money p/m for starters.. But don`t stop there, just see from the compensation plan. Recruiting more could help you with adding or upgrading your recording studio, guitars or drums etc?

2/ or/and add to my twitter following.  Tag 1: recorded music covers

3/ or/and I`ll add you to my G+. Tag 2:  recorded music covers

I just wish CDs had been around years earlier. That would have saved me dragging so many boxes of vinyl records around!

Singer songwriters do face a lot of competition. Some stage performers though admit to finding it more difficult than they expected to get known.

If you are becoming better known as a solo or band e.g. in Youtube, another way might be for me to add you in my Google + blog with a link back (It only allows one link each time). If it gets you some positive publicity, fine, but if not then nothing is lost.

It won`t cost you anything. If you search “Shaun A Leggott” (That`s me) in Google you may see, subject to date,  I`m the leading Leggott as it were (I have a family link to the origins of the John Leggott College here in the UK).

I guess it will be the same in the US. I got myself on a top page search for Twenty One Pilots, that was cheeky.. However, I guess Tyler and Josh are far too busy to have noticed. It`s now Oct 10th 16 as I update.

Anyway, just send me about 400 to 500 or so words about you or yourselves/link, history, plans, favorite beer (joke..) etc. Send it to my music covers too email assuming it wouldn`t  cause a new mom to drop the little precious one! Then I`d spin the copy and adjust it to my unique SEO.

It helps me too as I get more publicity for my main site Horror at Home Gigs com, being generally the most successful of my several domains.  Perhaps (hint..) you could also link or mention also. I check the music covers too email a few times a week

As mentioned in my errr.. over packed video, consider my twitter following yours also. Some buy in lots of 1000 “followers”, I don`t as I prefer an active following… Mostly I don`t follow first either.

I don`t usually follow first  because I feel it`s ethically wrong of me, e.g. most of my sites` visitors are likely to be much younger than me.. but I welcome you non-the-less. As a consequence right now the following isn`t that great at around 1900.

Importantly it is more responsive because it`s grown organically and actively. That`s more to the meaning of social following. I also sweep out the low principled people who unfollow once we follow them back..Tag: Recording Covers

So if socially up from, or at a level, with 5FDP level, just build it up. The more musicians we attract, the more chance of follow/following. However, it is just an interest so I really don`t mind. It`s not as if I earn from music.

I like to get up in the days dawn, see and listen to any new recording covers as the come along, e.g. Alexander Stewart  Alexander Stewart, or Leo Moracchioli  Leo Moracchioli who covers metal Twenty One Pilots etc.

I mentioned a further intro to tailored capture pages for your music earlier, and also use the included autoresponder to send out. It will involve some learning curve..even for a bright chap like you.. Not something many in music seem prepare to do, but it`s another string.. as it were (sorry..).


Do take a look at the whole system, also how you can earn from promoting it. I think you might be surprised! If after promoting physical products in FB, don`t overlook Facebook training. Shaun A Leggott – Twitter /ShaunBFG – Email:               Tag: recorded music covers










Music Marketing W/Capture Pages? Go Dating!

Music cover versions or original, if fairly family friendly, e.g. 5FDP level is fine, it is unlikely to cause a mom to drop the new born.. I`Il add to my Twitter> following < It`s a bit selfish as I like listening to music in different genres. Any excuse too put the cans on.

More Ways To Get Noticed<  Incl. Capture Pages Building For Non Techies!

I did include the idea in my first Shaun A Leggott > video, but few have seen it at this date Sept 16. It was too ambitious with trying to get all I wanted to say within one video, but hey! we all have a beginning..

So good luck with your DIY recording studio. Horror at Home Gigs com is my biggest site. My music email address is I`m very into original and covers for Twenty One Pilots right now. 

Anyway, I digress: I`d adapted this domain as it no longer markets products related to music reproduction and creation.. Lots of effort for little return, too much competition..

I know you more serious musicians and recording artists like the so-called “warm market”, thus go over to the most local bigger music outlets. Chat staff/customers playing/chatting together drinking latte or whatever!  Tag: music cover versions

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However, as I mentioned in my over packed video, perhaps you also are missing out by not using capture pages/autoresponder. One of my Twitter followers is doing so. This looks to be successful.

So maybe break from the norm. The plus here is that you can now build quality capture pages easily, being non techie, as immediately back them with large Googl.e Images on just about any area you can think of.

If capture pages are new to you, let me explain.. In fact there`s little to explain really. All you need to add if a brief copy that impacts the viewer/reader with enough info for him/her to add email address and maybe a few more details.

The details are then sent to the address you will have given, perhaps fan base details or music website. The receiver has the opportunity to unsubscribe.

So you`ll will be building a list. To comply the autoresponder will include the opportunity to unsubscribe from further mailings. It this instance a full marketing suite is included supported at every step by video training. Trial for 1 dollar!


>Webinar< If looking for something additional to promote, either with the above or without, e.g. WoM (word of mouth) do consider Raining Dates.. This is brand new and in pre-launch. There`s huge money being made in relationships, as the saying goes, se.x sells, but I find that term just too mechanical. I prefer to say, “blanket relationships’!

Anyway below is a banner that will take you to further details. To benefit most as an agent you`d need to upgrade at just $9.99 for six months. This could be really huge. The creator is a very experienced online business developer. Pre-launch is always a gamble, but as I have said elsewhere, do you want to look back in 6 months saying, “I wish I`d been in at the start”? What the heck, just $ there`s thousands of ad credit incentives!

So that`s about it for now. Here`s just a short filler copy left from some of the original copy! The story of the Queen guitarists home-made red guitar that rocked with Queen and the world.

In 1963 Brian May, along with his father, Harold, started to hand-build an electric guitar partly from recycled ancient wood taken from their home! The result was a home built electric guitar that probable excelled over commercially available electric guitars of the time. it later had a long and battered history! Tag: music cover versions

Shaun A Leggott    >Twitter<  Music Cover Versions (< No, it`s not a mantra..)